serve all & take nothing


Posted on: Oktober 6, 2007

It’s dark here……
I can’t see anything
But I can hear the water fall down and touch the floor

It’s dark here…….
I can’t see clearly
But I can feel there’s an angel standing beside me

She’s smile….
She comes and touch my hand
She asked me “would you go with me?”
We will find the heaven
Trough a long journey
And thousand colours of rainbow
Till you see a beautiful place
A peacefull place
That’s heaven…….

It’s dark here…….
I hold her hand
I can feel that i’m flying away
Higher and higher
With thousand fairy behind me

And up here…..
I can see you down there smile to me
Wish I could stay there beside you
Wish I could fly with you
Trough this journey with an angel
To find the god place
To find the heaven

The light turn on now
When I wake up
I realize it’s just a dream
I couldn’t find the heaven
Not with an angel
Not even with you……..


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